Второй этап тестирования лексико-грамматический тест (Grammar Vocabulary). Starter

Выберите правильные варианты ответов для каждого из 20 выражений
1. Where __________ from? I’m from Russia.
2. We have ____________house in Moscow.
3. I have two_____________, a boy and a girl.
4. I work in a _____________. I’m a doctor.
5. This is my brother. ___________ name’s Paul.
6. _____________five people in my family.
7. I get up _____________7 o’clock in the morning.
8. I like apples, but I ____________ bananas.
9. Excuse me, ___________speak French?
10. How much are _____________ shoes?
11. Where are my glasses? They’re ____________the table.
12. My sister _____________tennis very well.
13. I usually go to work ___________train.
14. I don’t see my parents very often ___________they live in South Africa.
15. Rosie stayed _____________home yesterday afternoon.
16. Last night I ______________ to the cinema.
17. The_______________ is quite expensive but the food there is excellent.
18. Do you want to listen to music or ____________TV?
19. __________________were you at the weekend? I was in Scotland.
20. _________________you have a good time at the party? Yes, it was fun.