Второй этап тестирования лексико-грамматический тест (Grammar Vocabulary). Advanced (С1)

Advanced (С1)
Выберите правильные варианты ответов для каждого из 20 выражений
1. People were amazed that the burglary took place in _____________daylight.
2. She invested a lot of time __________researching the most appropriate university course.
3. The police claimed that they acted in self- _____________.
4. I _____________remember putting my briefcase down on that shelf.
5. He turned _____________ to be considerably older than I had imagined.
6. The windows in this house are in urgent_____________ of replacement.
7. Speed cameras_____________ shown to reduce accidents.
8. Life is a _____________ deal easier for immigrants who can speak the local language.
9. The experiment _____________testing people’s responses before and after drinking coffee.
10. We may be a bit late. We’re _____________in a traffic jam.
11. Having his driving test several times, Paul finally________ passed at the fourth attempt.
12. Gospel music has been a major influence________ other musical styles, especially soul.
13. Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is essential, _____________business you’re in.
14. It’s _____________likely that this novel will win a literary prize.
15. It’s no_____________ for me to get Brad’s phone number – I’ll be seeing him tonight.
16. I’d lived in Australia, so I was used to _____________on the left side of the road.
17. I don’t think the colours in Julia’s outfit _____________together.
18. Very rarely_____________ here in July.
19. I prefer to buy CDs _____________download music from my computer.
20. The number of turtles on the island